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Moscow - St. Petersburg (10 days).

1 day

Arrival in Moscow. Group Meeting with the guide. Transfer to the hotel. Transport - 4 hours. Free day.

2 day

Breakfast at hotel. Meet your guide at the hotel lobby. Board the bus.

In the first half of the day we invite you to short-time loop tour for seeing the main sights of Moscow. You’ll pass the historical center of the city, see the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, approach Lomonosov Moscow State University to enjoy an incredible panoramic view from Vorobyevy Gory. During the excursion you'll learn the history of Moscow, the history of its development, about the way its architectural look has changed throughout various epochs, especially recently, that you can see for yourselves when coming closer to the Moscow City complex, a new business district of Moscow.

In the afternoon a walking tour “Old Arbat Street” – the first walking steet in Moscow. Duration of excursion 6 hours. Transport 4 hours.

The end of sight-seeing tour in the centre of Moscow.

3 day

Breakfast at hotel. Meet your guide at the hotel lobby. Board the bus.

Seeing the sights on the territory of the Kremlin, the most ancient part of Moscow, that is the part of UNESCO World Heritage List, getting acquainted with ancient architecture of Moscow. Visiting the Armoury, one of the most famous museums of the city, displaying a rich collection of precious items made in the Kremlin workshops and donated by foreign states embassies and stored in tsars treasury and patriarchal sacristy for centuries. The end of sight-seeing tour in the centre of Moscow. Duration of excursion 5 hours. Transport 5 hours.

4 day

Breakfast at hotel. Meet your guide at the hotel lobby. Board the bus.

The Tretiakov Gallery contains Moscows largest collection of Russian art with representative pieces from ancient times through various historical schools up to and including turn-of-the-century Avante Garde works. The newly restored building is worth a visit in itself. The end of tour in the centre of Moscow. Duration of excursion 3 hours.

For the add. fee is also have the following program:

Tour "Underground Palaces in Moscow." The Moscow Metro. It is rightly recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world. You will learn interesting facts about its construction, will hear an interesting story of the guide and you'll see the most famous stations, which are the magnificent "underground palaces" of Moscow. The cost of 250 rub / person.

5 .

Free day. For the add. fee is also have the following programs:

1. Walk on the ship from 450 rub / person.

2. Visit the Ostankino television tower: The program of the tour route "OUR TOWER" includes: visit to the museum with a collection of radio and TV tower technology and communications of the Soviet period 40-70th. The rise in high-speed elevators to the viewing platform, located at an altitude of 337 meters, less than one minute. Inspection of the panorama of Moscow from the height of bird flight. The cost of 550 rub / person.

In the evening transfer to the r/w station, departure by train to St. Petersburg

6 day

Morning meeting in St. Petersburg (overnight train trip) on arrival at the car of the train. Transfer to the hotel. Self-acquaintance with the city on the Neva. Free day.

7 day

Breakfast at hotel. Meet your guide at the hotel lobby. Board the bus.

St. Petersburg Sightseeing Tour: During St. Petersburg Sightseeing Tour you will get acquainted with the architecture, history, and modern day life of the former capital of the Russian Empire, and with the history of the Romanovs Dynasty. The places of interest that the city will please you with are the Palace Square with the Winter Palace, the Arts Square with the Russian Museum, the Smolny Monastery, the famous Nevsky Prospect, the Summer Garden, and the Field of Mars. You will see the classic ensemble of the Senate Square with the world-known Bronze Horseman,the Basil Island, and many other landmarks, magnificent palaces, bridges, and picturesque embankments. Excursion to the Peter-and-Paul Fortress: The Peter-and-Paul Fortress is the first building of St. Petersburg. It was built here under the order of Peter the Great to protect these lands form Sweden during the war that lasted for 21 years and became known as the Northern War. The foundation day of the fortress, which is May 27, 1703, became the Birthday of the whole city. The architect of the fortress was Domenico Trezini who was the first architect of the city. For a long time the fortress was used as a political prison. The architectural centre of the ensemble of the Fortress is the Peter-and-Paul Cathedral. This Cathedral is the place of burial of Russian Emperors from the times of Peter the Great. In 1998, remains of the last Russian Emperor, Nicolas II, and his family were buried in the Cathedral.

8 day

Breakfast at hotel. Meet your guide at the hotel lobby.

Walking-tour "... There is nothing better than Nevsky Prospect ...»: history of St. Petersburg's main street. Visit to the State Hermitage Museum - the largest museum in Europe. Hermitage is one of the largest museums in the world after the Louvre, in Paris, and National Gallery, in London. The Hermitage collection includes over 3 million exponents from prehistoric times to modern days. It was established in 1764 by Russian Empires Catherin the Great. She gave an order to build a palace to accommodate her collection of western European art. Now the permanent exposition is set in five buildings (the Winter Palace, the Small Hermitage, the Old Hermitage, and the Hermitage Theatre) that form an amazing architectural ensemble. The interiors of the museum were decorated by outstanding architects and sculptors of the XVIII and XIX centuries. Many rooms where magnificent ceremonies were held are preserved in its initial state. The Hermitage collection includes real masterpieces of greatest artists and sculptors of the world, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rafael, Rembrandt, Monet, and Paulo Picasso

9 day

Free day.

For the add. fee is also have the following program:

Excursion to the summer residence of Paul I, Gatchina. Travel information, "Hamlet on the throne." The majestic palace-castle, picturesque parks with romantic lakes and ponds. A mysterious underground passage from the palace to the park.

For 15 pers.

For 25 pers.

For 35 pers.

3250 for one

3000 for one

2750 for one

Independent departure to Moscow by overnight train.

10 day

Arrival in Moscow. Transfer to the hotel. Breakfast. Free day.

Group Meeting with the guide in the hotel lobby. Transfer to the airport. Transport 4 hours.

Discount for a child to add. place in 1500 per. Pers.

train tickets 2 ways 6000 rub for one per. (compartment car)

The price includes accommodation in double rooms in hotels 3 *** level, meals, shuttle and guide service on the program, entrance fees to museums, guide - interpreter.

- Extras. hour transport from 750 rub / hour.

- Extras. hour guide 35 euros.

- Power Lunch / Dinner from 300 rub / person. a la carte menu (tourist class).

- Tickets to the theater, circus, and any other exhibition events (discussed in the order of the tour, according to the repertoire).

Note: The company reserves the right to change the sequence of program execution without changing the volume of services provided. Duration of its individual elements can be changed on the eve of departure and during execution of the tour. Elements of the program, depending on climatic conditions and actions beyond the control of the organizer of services and organizations (road, local administration, etc.) can be excluded from the program, based on the actual situation on the route.

Tour cost per person

In case of staying in the hotel:



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